04 Apr / 02 Sep, 2019
Module outline
The three selected respondents will be announced on June 25th 2019.

UNIDEE-University of Ideas welcomes proposals for paper presentations from artists, academics and cultural workers. Celebrating its 20th anniversary and reinforcing its publishing activity, UNIDEE asks experts to respond to the 2019 programme’s key-concepts:
  • COLLECTIVE AGENCY – a series of modules exploring the potential of collective action and its political implications with artists Chto Delat and Adelita Husni Bey;
  • CLIMATE ACTION – a summer camp to rediscuss the human impact on our planet and imagine a postpetrol society with artists Luigi Coppola, Fernando Garcia Dory and Brett Bloom;
  • MODES OF INSTITUTING – a series of meetings rethinking how we can establish ethical principles to build our institutions not only as centres of power, hierarchy, control and discipline (names to be announced).

For each of the three keywords, UNIDEE will select one respondent. Their text will be published on our online Journal, promoted through our newsletter and printed on UNIDEE’s annual publication.
Moreover, each successful entrant will receive a compensation of 350 euros (gross).
Please send the abstract to:

We encourage submissions that embrace the following principles:
• Collective Agency: the agency of participation, alternative ways of living, forms of co-operation, peer-to-peer, solidarity, among others.
• Climate Actions: postpetrol, antropocene, agroecology; de-industrialization of the self, climate breakdown.
• Modes of Instituting: instituent practices, artist led-culture, forms of institutional parasitism, self-organisation, institutional performativity, fictional institutions, among others.


  • Wednesday 15th May 2019: deadline for submission of abstracts (in English, max 350 words);
  • Friday 31st May 2019: all respondents informed by the status of their submissions;
  • Monday 2nd September 2019: deadline for submission of complete contributions (in English, max 2000 words).

Send the PDF of your abstract to:
Please include the following information at the beginning of the abstract: name and surname, e-mail and phone number.